WebCanDo.com was founded by inspired thinkers with a vision - to make internet commerce successful for business. WebCanDo.com is a privately held company focused on developing and promoting internet commerce.

WebCanDo.com has a proven track record of providing creative designs, custom database applications, information architecture, e-marketing, software, and high availability hosting services to a wide range of industries and companies around the world.

Developed by leading programmers in the internet industry, WebCanDo.com uses leading technology and incorporates superior functionality in our designs. Our company has emerged as one of the most innovative and affordable solutions in the internet marketplace.

Purpose .
At WebCanDo.com, our mission is to design, manage and support a high impact web site for your company. In order to meet your current and future needs, we offer a comprehensive array of products and services that are scalable to the demands of your site whether you just need a domain name or you need a total outsourced solution to develop and maintain your company's presence on the Internet.

WebCanDo.com is driven to be the best internet solution company in the market. We provide services and products to satisfy every type of client from a small business, to large corporations. Our clients only need to interact with one vendor when implementing and maintaining their web site.

Every Internet professional at WebCanDo.com can see the future of the Internet. As the first truly revolutionary form of communication since television, it has had a tremendous impact on the business world. And though the Internet is no longer new, it is still constantly evolving, and only those with the experience to recognize these new trends and technology can lead in the future.

New Sites
WebCando.com recently launches the PraiseVocals.com site. Praise is one of the Internet's fastest growing music publishing networks providing recorded vocal harmony to worship leaders, worship pastors, praise team and choir vocalists.

Fourth Quarter Results
March 13, 2009- WebCanDo is pleased to announce the fourth quarter results for year end 2008 have surpassed expectations. The booked web development revenue was increased by 150%, compared to the third quarter.
The total new web hosting accounts have also grown dramatically since the release of our eight data center and the addition of our new national sales team.
"We are pleased to provide consistent quarterly results this year in light of the technology downturn. We have added several new sales partners and have adjusted our marketing plan to focus on new ideas to promote e-commerce. " said Tom Browne, Vice President of Marketing.

New Growth
March 14, 2009- WebCanDo a subsiduary of GTS Inc. has added a ninth datacenter at Pipenetworks in Australia to support the purchase of http://webcando.com.au Due to the rapid growth of web hosting accounts, WebCanDo has found it necessary to expand its web hosting offerings with the new servers in Australia. It provides redundancy to the existing network in the US and some provides diversified products such as the addition of the Cpanel / WHM platform.

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